Mar 17

Swinburne Clubhouse Unavailable

Members are advised that from 1 April 2013 the Swinburne Avenue clubhouse will be effectively closed.

This is a result of MCC (not the Bowls Section) closing its new acquisition in Barkers Road for renovations. As a result, organisations that use the Barkers Road facility have had to find other venues.

The committee has agreed to Swinburne Avenue being used by the Melbourne Bridge Club and, in order for the Bridge Club to play on all its usual days, the Swinburne Avenue clubhouse has effectively been transferred for its use.

There may be occasions when the Bowls Section uses all or part of Swinburne Avenue, but in order to facilitate the bridge club, all MCC Bowls Section activities will be at Glen Street unless specifically advised otherwise.

It is anticipated that the works will be finished prior to the beginning of next bowls season. We thank the members for their anticipated understanding and support of this action.

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