Jun 16

Selection Process and calls for Expression of Interest

The Committee at its monthly meeting approved the following process for the selection of Selectors for season 2016/17. Accordingly, we are now calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) from those members wanting to be considered for these positions (those members who previously nominated for the Selectors positions earlier in year need to reconfirm that they are still interested in being a Selector under this new structure). It should be noted that Selection of Sides for season 2016/17 will be undertaken on a Monday night. This is to allow the Coach to undertake his coaching duties on Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday Pennant


  • Chairperson
  • Coach
  • Two Selectors (Sides 1 to 3)
  • Two Selectors (Sides 4 to 7)

All five selectors and coach would be involved in the general discussion of sides and selection will be as follows:

  • The Chairperson (who will have the casting vote), Coach and two Selectors (Sides 1 to 3) would be able to vote on the selection of the top three sides.
  • The Chairperson (who will have the casting vote), Coach and two Selectors (Sides 4 to 7) would be able to vote on the selection of the lower four sides.

Midweek Pennant


  • Chairperson
  • Two Selectors

All three selectors would be involved in the discussion and the selection of the four Midweek Pennant sides.

Tuesday Night Pennant and Wednesday Night Pennant the Committee approved that the Bowls Director will be selector for these sides.

If you are interested in putting an EOI for any of the Selectors vacancies, please have your EOI in to the Secretary via email by Friday 1 July 2016 and the email address is secretary@mccbowls.org . Included in the EOI should be which Selector position you are interested in being considered for. Also, if you wanting to be the Chairperson of Selectors for either Saturday or Midweek Pennant you should add that you want to be considered for these vacancies plus you should provide what your goals as Chairperson would be for the coming season.

The Committee at its next meeting on Tuesday 12 July 2016 will consider all EOIs received for the positions and will make appropriate appointments to the Selector positions. We will then be in the position to announce our new Selection Panels to the members.

We look forward to receiving EOI from suitably interested members for these Selectors positions.

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