MCC Bowls has the following pennant sides, open to both male and female members.

2022/23 Summer Season

Day Side Division Section
Saturday MCC 1 Premier Premier
MCC 2 1 2
MCC 3 3 5
MCC 4 3 6
MCC 5 6 6
MCC 6 7 4
MCC 7 8 5
Midweek MCC 1 1 1
MCC 2 3 6
MCC 3 4 5
MCC 4 5 4
MCC 5 5 5

Selected Sides – Results – Ladders

Here you will find the most up to date selected sides, results and ladders for the MCC Bowls Section Pennant   Competition/ Round MCC Sides/Results/Ladders Bowls Vic Results Bowls Vic Ladders   Weekend Section Finals  Week 02/03/2024  view Sides 2023/2024 Side 1 Side 2 Side 3 Side 4 Side 5 Side 6 Side 7 Weekend Pennant Week 14 17/02/2024  Weekend Pennant …

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Away Venues

Playing away from MCC? Not sure where you are playing? See below to find out where to go and the surface on which you are likely to be playing. Click on the address to go to the location in Google Maps. If you have any surface updates, please e-mail Club Surfaces Albert Park Alphington Armadale …

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1 comment

  1. paul Noone

    On Tuesday last, I visited our club for the first time this year. The temperature was 20 degrees
    As I walked up the blue stone steps, I noticed the new hand rails on both sides for elderly bowler/members like myself..
    the green looked magnificent and the grounds pristine;. the clubhouses and toilets were meticulously clean; all kitchen utensils were perfectly placed.
    After 50 mins practice, I retired for a cup of coffee and cut lunch. I looked out the clubhouse window at the surrounds. Everything was so calm and peaceful. Warren and Josh were laying new ditches on the green.
    I was amazed
    that I was approx 8-9 kms from the centre of Melbourne.
    After lunch, I was joined by two fellow bowlers for a practice, then two female bowlers arrived (one a new member). Over time, I was able to have different conversations with the four fellow members on a variety of topics. That is the club’s culture.
    Before leaving, I congratulated Warren, our green-keeper, on the state of the greens and Dee, our contract cleaner, on the cleanliness of the clubhouse and surrounds. I left at 3p.

    Before driving away, I sat in my car and just thought about my club.
    I thought how all this happens – it only happens because a number of members contribute or in Australiana terms must ‘Put In”

    – I thought of the chaotic traffic conditions as I travel to the various venues including our own (some of the distances to the locations of opposing pennant clubs seem to be to be an absurdity)

    But against all that, I hope the above story speaks for why I love my bowls club
    …. Paul Noone

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