Sep 10

Letter From Our Chairman

Dear members,

I hope this email finds you safe and well and ready for a new season of Bowls.

I’m writing to update you on the latest news from the State Government. A road map has been set out for ‘sports and recreation’ with a view to opening clubs up again in the near future, so it’s up to us to think about our COVID safe plan.

Click on the link below for more detailed information:

To comply with these restrictions and maintain our club as a Covid safe environment, we will continue to regularly clean all areas, provide access to hand sanitiser, ask members to check in using the QR code and wear masks where applicable. Importantly, if you haven’t already done so, make an appointment to be vaccinated to not only protect yourself and your family but also our community at MCC Bowling Club. If all members are vaccinated, we can more readily protect those members who are immunocompromised, other Bowlers and visitors to the club.

While we are in lockdown it might also be an opportune time to consider how we can contribute towards getting ourselves back to our former ‘form’. I’m hoping to inspire you to start your fitness program to prepare for the Bowls season ahead of us. Gentle half squats, stretching and resistance exercises will help improve your overall health, help reduce back pain and aid in preventing injuries when we get back to playing.

On that note, it’s also a great idea (now that winter is over!!) to consider being SunSmart. The Cancer Council recommends that all adults check their skin and moles every 3 months. If you haven’t had a recent check, make time to schedule an appointment with your GP or specialist to have a check-up. It’s a simple procedure and may prevent problems down the track!

Our selectors and coaches have been busy setting up a program for the upcoming season. This will help give everyone a positive start to the bowls season.

We will try to keep all members informed and up to date through emails, website and Facebook posts.

John Kaloger Chair – MCC Bowls section

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