Mar 22

Greens Work in Preparation for Winter

You’ll notice a bit of work being done of the greens in preparation for the winter dormancy.

The South Green at Swinburne is today (22/3) having a light scarify while the North Green will be completed on Wednesday.

There will be other works going on including preventative fungicide application.

As explained earlier this season, the reason we use the chemicals and scarify the greens is to prevent the onset of thatch. Thatch can cause lots of damage to the greens if not proactively treated, particularly going into the dormancy period.

You will notice the greens slightly slower initially after the works, but they will pick up speed soon after. If you have a club game that you will be playing in the near future, please make sure it is booked in advance in the diary at the bar so Warren and the team know that it is on and they can do their best to prepare the greens.

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