Oct 23

Club Singles Arrangements This Sunday

Scorecard-Logo0001_thumb3_thumb1The MCC Bowls Open Singles Events (Men & Women) will be held this Sunday 27 October.

There are some key arrangements that need to be noted by members. Firstly, contrary to previous advice, games will only be played at Swinburne Avenue. All players, other than those noted below, need to be at Swinburne Avenue by 9:30am please.

Depending on where you have been placed in the draw, you should expect to play a minimum of one and a maximum of two games. Three timeslots will be used – 10:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm. Players not playing in the 10:00am timeslot will be required to mark a game at that time. Players who lose a game will be required to mark the following game on that rink.

A number of our men have been successful in making their way through to the knockout rounds of the Region Pairs, which is also being played on Sunday. Additionally, Jeff Saunders is competing in a State event. These players have all received protection for the Club Singles.

Hence, the following people are NOT required at Swinburne Avenue on Sunday:

  • Jeff Saunders
  • Dick Meadows
  • Keith Needham
  • Graham Winther
  • Paul Daniel
  • Bob Willis
  • Henny Cortenbach
  • Peter Berman
  • Chris Beanland
  • Kevin Duane
  • John Graham
  • Brian Harrison
  • Paul Beanland
  • Culum Bennington

If you have any questions, please contact Tournament Director Paul Daniel.

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