Nov 20

Yarra Region Semi Finals – 09/11/23

On Sunday 9 players from MCC were playing in the Yarra Region semi-finals of the men’s and women’s pairs.
In the Men’s semi-finals Tim O’Meara and Mark Foster MCC were defeated 13-16 by James Thompson and Steve Garcia MCC.

While In the other men’s semi-final Mike Haigh and Brendan Gallagher MCC won their game with a 2 shot margin. The all MCC final went to James and Steve with a 15-12 shot win against Mike and Brendan. Fantastic games by all players.

In the Women’s semi-final Trish Cullinane and Tris Doolan MCC had a 16-10 win against Denise Huender MCC and Jody Neville Bundoora. The Women’s final was a close game with Trish and Tris being narrowly defeated in an enthralling game by 15-17.

Great to have so many MCC players in the Yarra Region finals and to have so many supporters there to cheer them along.
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