Dec 18

Volunteers Required January 3rd – 6th

MCC Bowls Section is hosting the State Bowlers Arms Championships at Swinburne Ave from Tuesday 3 January, 2017 to Friday 6 January, 2017. There will also be 6 rinks on the carpet at Glen Street on the first day Tuesday 3 January, 2017.

The club is looking for members to be Umpires, Markers and general volunteers to assist in making these championships a success. Below is our requirement for Markers over the first two days.

On 3rd January:

We need 8 markers late in the afternoon for the first K/O round (last 16 of the Men’s Singles at Swinburne Ave).

On 4th January:

Rinks required for 1st game in the morning
4 rinks for the Men’s Qtr Finals & 4 markers
2 rinks for Women’s Semi Finals & 2 markers

2nd K/O round
2 rinks for the Men’s Semi Finals and 2 markers

3rd K/O round
2 rinks and 2 Markers Men & Women’s Final

On 5th & 6th January

Men’s & Women’s Pairs

If you are able to assist in being an Umpire, Marker or Volunteer over these days, please contact Ian McKay via email or on my mobile ph. 0419 517 375 by 31 December, 2016.

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