Oct 06

VIC Open and Yarra Region Events

Entries for the Victorian Open (held 18th Nov – 24th Nov in Shepparton) and Yarra Region Events are closing soon.

With the MCC Bowls Committee’s commitment to supporting our members, the Committee has decided to pay the entry fees for MCC Bowls members to participate in the Victorian Open and Yarra Region Bowls Event.

The Committee recognises that these prestigious events are a great place to develop and showcase the talent that is within the MCC Bowls Section. As part of this arrangement members would be asked to represent the club with pride and obey by the MCC Bowls Section Code of Conduct through out their representation.

For Yarra Region Events all you need to do is put your name on the forms located at the all the Club Rooms (there is a black folder on the table as you walk in) and the entry fee will be taken care of.

For the Victorian Open, please keep your receipt, bring it to the club and speak with Norm Hayes who will be able to facilitate reimbursement. Alternatively you can scan and email your receipt to Norm at treasurer@mccbowls.org. Don’t forget the Victorian Open Entries close on October 11, for details CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about this new initiative, please email Ian McKay at secretary@mccbowls.org or Culum Bennington at communications@mccbowls.org

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