Apr 15

Update from the Committee

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are well and keeping safe.

Even though we are unable to bowl at the moment, the Committee is still planning for when restrictions are eased, and finally lifted. As mentioned previously, the AGM will be later than in previous years. If required, we will apply to Consumer Affairs Victoria for an extension to the time limit in which it must be held. This being the case, the current Committee will continue until the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted sufficiently to hold the AGM.

Again, in planning for future lifting of restrictions, if possible, we will aim to get all unfinished Season 2019/20 club games completed before Opening Day for Season 2020/21 (which is tentatively set for Saturday 5 September 2020). Of course this will only be possible if restrictions are lifted.

I will be in touch with everybody again as things evolve in the Covid-19 world we live in.


Ian McKay – Secretary
MCC Bowls Section

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