Aug 16

Upcoming Practice Games

Season 19-20 is fast approaching and we have a great schedule of practice matches in place as follows:

– 31 August – Opening Day

– 7 September – Lilydale – 3 sides at Lilydale / intra-club practice for remainder @ MCC

– 14 September – Malvern – 2 sides at Malvern / intra-club practice for remainder @ MCC

– 15 September – Boroondara Cup 2 sides of 6 @ MCC

– 20 September (evening) – Whittlesea @ MCC one side comprising top side and second side players

– 21 September – Practice match – Heathmont spread between both venues – aim for 4 sides – 1s and 4s at Heathmont – 2s & 3s at MCC

– 27 September – Mulgrave – spread between both venues

– 29 September – Intra-club practice

A couple of special things to note:

It would be great if the higher side players (Firsts and Seconds) could be available for both the Friday night and Saturday afternoon against Whittlesea and Heathmont – a great opportunity to stake a claim for the top side.

27 September is the AFL Grand Final Friday public holiday. We’ve not had practice matches on this day previously, but thought it was a great idea.

We need to know your availability for these practice matches sooner rather than later please. To that end, can you either:

Put your name on the sheets that will be posted very shortly at Swinburne Avenue

Send an email advising which dates you are available to bowls@mccbowls.org

Please feel free to give me a call with any questions on 0409 162040.

Paul Daniel

Chairperson Weekend Pennant

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