Feb 26

Tournament Shirt a Success

LAST CHANCE TO GET YOUR TOURNAMENT SHIRT ORDER IN FOR THE NEXT BATCH … ORDER BY FRIDAY 2ND MARCH TO GET SAME PRICING AS THE FIRST ORDER! …. if you have told Culum your order but haven’t received a confirmation in last 24 hours (Mon 26/2), please send a reminder to him via email

Given the success with the introduction of the Tournament Shirt (modelled below by Mark “Dingo” Foster) we are opening up orders for the 2nd batch of shirts. Same deal as last time, once we get 10 orders we will be able to place the order with the supplier. So get you orders into communications@mccbowls.org or place an order with Culum.

IMG_0017 (1)Tournament Shirt Promo 16-9 3

Ignore the order by date

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