Dec 20

Swinburne Greens

On Wednesday the Swinburne Ave greens received some maintenance in the form of a light scarifying. While the greens are still playing close to the same speed that they were prior, you may notice a slight reduction in speed for a short period after.

Given the nature and seasonal growing times of the grass, it is necessary for them to undergo maintenance at this time of year. The light scarifying is to help avoid the onset of thatch which can build up in the surface if not dealt with. This will ultimately lead to healthier and more resistant greens in the future.

Thanks for your patience during this time, and the greens at Swinburne will remain open over the Christmas /  New Year break. Also remember the following directions of play must be observed at all times:

Mon – Wed – Fri (East – West)
Tues – Thurs – Sat – Sun (North – South)

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