Dec 11

Swinburne Ave Greens Renovation

This year our Green Keepers will be renovating both greens at Swinburne Avenue starting on the Sunday 22nd December. They will be top dressing the greens as well as other maintenance activities.

As we will be top dressing, the green keepers are seeking willing members to come down the club on the morning of Sunday 22nd December to assist in moving the top soil around the greens. So if you can spare some time to assist it will be much appreciated. A BBQ breakfast/lunch will be provided for those who can come and assist. Timing will be provided

With the greens being close at Swinburne Avenue until Thursday 23rd January there are a few important things to note:

  • If you want to play your club games at Swinburne Avenue you will need to have these completed prior to Sunday 22nd December.
  • Glen Street (grass and synthetic) will be available during this period for all games
  • With Midweek starting back on Tuesday 21st January, games to be played at home will be played at Glen Street for this round. More details will follow from our Secretary.

We thank you for your understanding during this time, as the time we give the greens now will provide better greens into the future.

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