Sep 30

Round 1 is HERE!

Good bowling to all our Midweek bowlers who tomorrow kick off their season. While our Weekend Pennant players will kick off this Saturday. We wish you all the best for the season.

Sides are available in the Events Section of Team App, also on our website http://mccbowls.org/pennant/selected-sides-results-ladders/ and on the boards at the club.

Don’t forget this Thursday (3/10) after Pennant Practice, we will have our normal Guest Speaker, this year we welcome Paul Licuria (former Collingwood footballer). The talk begins at 6.45pm and we’ll have pies on the night.

Also we wish all out Over 60’s bowlers who made it through the subsequent Rounds of the Yarra Region Over 60’s Singles at Rosanna on Wednesday.

A note for Weekend Pennant selection this week, the selectors have noted that some players have missed out on a game due to more players being available than positions in sides. There will be rinks setup for these players to play intra-club games at Swinburne Avenue starting at the normal time for Pennant.

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