Mar 13

Please Donate Your Old Bowls

The Club has a number of sets of very old bowls which are used for Barefoot Bowls events and for new bowlers who want to learn the game. It would be great if we could replace some of them with bowls having a more “modern” bias. If you have recently given up the game or have a spare set rolling around in your car boot, please consider donating them to the Club. Donors please contact John Graham Ph. 0417 034 417

NOTE – coloured bowls preferred. We are only interested in size 3 or smaller, thanks.


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  1. John Graham

    Thanks to Kevin Duane who has donated his old Greenmasters.

  2. John Graham

    Thanks also to Ian Smith, who donated his mother’s bowls.

  3. John Graham

    And to Manny Galanos who has donated a set of bowls used by Neville Wood-Bradley’s father.

  4. John Graham

    Thanks also to Rob Story for the donation of his late son Ian’s bowls.

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