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Selected Sides – Results – Ladders

Here you will find the most up to date selected sides, results and ladders for the MCC Bowls Section Pennant


Competition Selected Sides Results Ladders
Date Round Date Round Date Round
Midweek 5 Mar 2018 Sectional Semi Final 27 Feb 2018 Round 18 27 Feb 2018 Round 18
Midweek (Kew)
Saturday 3 Mar 2018 Round 18 Updated 02/03/2018 3 Mar 2018 Round 18
Full Season Results
3 Mar 2018 Round 18
Tuesday Night 13 Feb 2018 Round 12 23 Jan 2018 Round 13 6 Feb 2018 Round 11
Wednesday Night TBA
Saturday Winter  24 Jun 2017 Grand Final 17 Jun 2017 Semi Final 10 Jun 2017 Round 7


  1. John Wells

    Congratulations to Tom and Trish winning the clubs Mens and Ladies championship. T

    MCC Kew (Barkers Rd ) have produced some wonderful bowlers over the years and Tom and Trish deserve the honours at their new home.

  2. Graeme Spry

    Never a more true word spoken You could add Ray Jansen & Angus McIsaac

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