Sep 10

Pennant Practice Dates

Dear Members

Below are details regarding Weekend Pennant Practice games prior to the season commencing on Saturday 21 October 2023.

16 September – Side 1 & 2 – v Moorabbin @ Moorabbin

Side 3 & 4 – v Moorabbin @ Swinburne

– All other players at Glen Street

23 September – All players at Swinburne or Glen St

30 September – Grand Final Day

7 October – Side 1 – v Bundoora @ Swinburne
Side2 – v Ringwood @ Swinburne
Side 3 & 4 – v Ashburton @ Ashburton

– All other players at Glen Street


14 October – Sides 1 to 4 – v Heathmont – 2 sides at home – 2 Sides away


IF NOT AVAILABLE to play please advise our Bowls Director, Ian Smith on his email: bowls@mccbowls.org BEFORE 5:00 pm Monday.

or put your name on the not available list on the notice board at Swinburne Ave or Glen Street.


Unless you are advised, pennant practice will be at Swinburne Avenue – times will be advised wen sides are selected.


There may be changes to the above so keep reading your emails and the notice boards at Swinburne Ave & Glen Street.

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