Oct 12

Over 60s Singles

UPDATE – Fay won her final. She is the Yarra Region Over 60s Singles Champ.   Peter went down 20:21 in his semifinal against Trevor Ibbots of Diamond Creek.

Congrats to Fay Winther, Ray Jansen, Peter Marget & Tom Ristic, all of whom have won through to the knockout rounds of the Yarra Region Over 60s Singles being played at East Ivanhoe BC today.

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  1. Graeme Spry

    IBBIT my opponent beat me to 19 My other opponent Peter McIntyre did a no show (for the 2nd year in a row) denying me any possibility of winning the section

    IBBIT went on to beat our Perter in the Semi 21/20

    Do not have the result of the final

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