Sep 04

Note on Coaching and Training

Thank you to everyone who attended our Opening Day on Saturday. Unfortunately, it didn’t all go according to plan with the weather, but hopefully getting down to the club got everyone motivated to get back on the greens for the season.

In regard to coaching and training for this season we thought we’d give you an outline of what will be going on for Tuesday and Thursday practice in the lead up to the first round.

From Tuesday 4th September the coaches have asked as many people to get down the club and put as many bowls down on the grass greens as possible. This can be in any form as will look to ensure we all get the feel for playing on grass again.

After 2 weeks of this, the coaching/training will be generally structured as follows:

  • Tuesdays between 5pm and 6pm, drills will be set up on several rinks for those who would like to participate at Swinburne Avenue. The general goal of these drills will be to develop specific skills which will help you for Pennant as well as general bowling ability.
  • Prior to 5pm and after 6pm, bowlers will be encouraged to play competitive pairs, triples or fours to help improve match performance and provide a motivation to win.
  • Thursday will be set aside for rink vs rink practice. The purpose of this training is to gain even further match practice against your team mates, getting you ready for the coming games on Saturday.

One on one training will be available from Scott and Tris, but times need to be booked in advance, at least 1 week prior to your requested time. Bookings can ONLY be made via the coaching email, coaching@mccbowls.org. Please be aware that you nominated time might not be available, but the coaches will endeavour to find a suitable time for both parties.

As was the case last season, the Self-Assessment cards will be available for use by bowlers which will assist the coaches in providing targeted drills which will benefit all our bowlers. If you would like more information on these assessments, please contact out coaches at the email above.

We look forward to everyone getting back out on the greens and as always, Go C’s!

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