Jul 05

News Alert – New coaches for 2017/18 Season Announced

The MCC Bowls Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of our new coaching panel for the upcoming 2017/18 season. After an exhaustive search over the last few months we have decided to develop from within our own ranks with Ben Winther, Dan Mars and Scott Mejean to take our club forward in achieving our on-field goals.
The structure of the coaching for the coming season will be as per the following:
Coaching activities will formally begin after Opening Day on Saturday 26 August.

Coaching will be available throughout the week, with a focus on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Swinburne  Avenue (usually 4pm to 7pm). In addition, coaching will be available on Mondays at Glen Street, on Saturday mornings and selected Sundays

Sessions run at Swinburne Avenue and Glen Street will be open to all members, regardless of current skill set or experience.

Details of pre-season training and events will be communicated soon.

A new email address coaching@mccbowls.org has been created for members to communicate directly with the coaching panel, arrange individual and group training.

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  1. Geoff Briggs

    Great to see the Club have the confidence in these three young members to take on the coaching duties. I am sure they will do very well and wish them all the best for a successful new season.

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