Feb 15

MCC win Yarra Regional Triples Title for 2018

Last night (Wed 14th Feb) the trio of Ben Winther (s), Scott Mejean and Dan Mars competed and won the Yarra Region Triples Title at Doncaster Bowls Club against quality opposition from Bundoora RSL.

The boys started off very well taking the score out to 6-2 lead before the Bundoora RSL boys fought back to edge in front. The MCC boys then mounted their own fightback edging in front and maintaining the lead into the last end. Bundoora RSL requiring 3 shots to draw and 4 to win were 1 down on the head when Nathan Murray attempted to kill the end with his first bowl. Hitting his target the jack pin balled off one of the bowls in the head moving about 3 metres forward, resulting in them holding 3 shots. Ben with his first bowl and about 2 metres to draw, drew the shot forcing Nathan into a tough decision, trail the jack or kill the end. He decided to try and kill the end, but sailed in between the jack and Ben’s bowls for the MCC boys to take 1 shot at the Title.

Congratulation to the boys on a great Triples campaign and we wish them well at Champions week. A big thank you to all the supports who were in attendance, and for those watching the game on Facebook LIVE. You can catch the reply of the game on our Facebook page HERE.


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