Jan 11

Duty Rink

The Committee has observed that the tasks required to be undertaken by the Duty Rink have in recent times been largely ignored.

Members are reminded that a Duty Rink is nominated on the Club’s website and on the clubhouse selection board after the selected sides are posted each week. Members of the Duty Rink are required to undertake the following tasks:

Before the game:

Raise Flags (observing correct flag protocol)

Ensure corner flags are placed in corners of ALL greens in use at the venue

Ensure mats and jacks have been placed on rinks being used

Ensure White Board shows rink allocation for visiting teams (at Glen Street, White Board to be moved outside clubhouse)

(Glen Street) Ensure a master scoreboard is positioned correctly for each match. This may require relocating a master board from the grass green to the artificial green on Saturdays or vice versa for midweek pennant.

Umpires Equipment moved outside

Scoreboards zeroed

All water fountains resupplied with plastic cups

(Swinburne Ave) Unless they will obviously not be required, Sunshelters on centre pathway are to be wound out. On hot days, shelters on rinks should also be erected.

Some of the above tasks may have been completed beforehand. The Duty Rink skip should ensure that at least one member of the team arrives at least 1 hour before the match commences, to complete the above tasks.

After the game:

Return flags, corner flags, mats, jacks and umpires equipment to clubhouse

Wind back Sunshelters (Swinburne Ave)

Move sprinklers to centre of greens if required by Greenkeeper

Remove all empty bottles, cans, plastic cups and other rubbish from the green precinct to the rubbish bins. This will involve a quick walk around all of the ditches.

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  1. John Edmonds

    A very useful reminder. Can I suggest a copy of this article be placed at strategic locations at Swinburne Ave and Glen St.?

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