Feb 21

Correct Headwear & Rules for Bowling Arms

John Roberts, the chief umpire for Bowls Vic has issued the following reminders in light of the upcoming Pennant finals….


Of late I have noticed a significant number of bowlers not wearing correct hats or caps. I would suggest that with finals coming up Presidents of all clubs remind their members they must be compliant. Clause 12 of the Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play sets out the penalties. These may result in either a deduction of four points, or a $100 fine and with further breaches competition points being deducted from the side concerned for that round.

White, Coloured or Registered Club coloured headwear may be worn. Such headwear, in all Pennant, Championship Events and Other Tournaments as specified must have the NMP (BA) Logo. White block hats with club hatband may be worn (no NMP, BA logo required). Headwear is always optional; however, Bowls Victoria recommends all members always protect themselves from the elements.

Bowling Arms:

A reminder that all Bowling Arms need to have the appropriate BA logo (hologram) sticker. Don’t have one? Send an email with a picture of your bowling arm to Andrew Gommers, agommers@bowls.com.au and you will be sent one by mail, a BA accredited sticker. There is NO cost involved here. Don’t get caught in the finals without the correct sticker on your bowling arm device – umpires may check. By the way, players’ names on adhesive tape on arms is NOT considered a modification of the device.

Enjoy the last rounds of Pennant.

John Roberts
Officiating and Laws Committee.


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