Oct 03

Club Singles Entry Forms

Don’t forget … Entries are still open for the Club Singles through the website and lists at the club … CLICK HERE to see if your name is on the list as at 4th OCT 2017

The current Pairs Entries are shown HERE … Entry Forms can be found at the club

Entry forms for this years Club Singles have been released, please read the following information carefully so you fully understand how the games will be run this year:

MCC Singles

  • First Round of the Men’s Singles will be played on or before Sunday 22nd October
  • Second Round of the Men’s Singles will be played on or before Sunday 22nd October
  • Dates for the Ladies Singles will be decided by the number of entries received

Dates for all other events will be determined once the entries have been received

ENTRIES CLOSE at 6pm Saturday 7th October (This is Round 1 of Saturday Pennant)

The draw for the MCC Singles will be completed in the Swinburne Ave club rooms at 6.30pm on Saturday 7th October via a random hat draw – we’ll have a BBQ on for everyone to come and enjoy. This wil allow everyone 2 weeks to play their 1st and 2nd Rounds if they cannot make Sunday 22nd October which is reserved for Club Singles games.

The draw for the remaining events will be released on Saturday 21st October.

Entry Forms will be available in the club rooms which have the General Conditions for Competitions or you can download the PDF Entry Form Here, read the General Conditions for Competitions and then click the link at the bottom page which will take you to online Entry Page. The reason for this is ensure all members read and understand the General Conditions of Competition this year which will be strictly enforced.

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