Mar 20

Club Policy – COVID19 Virus

As a duty of care to our members, the following rules will be in place immediately due to the COVID19:

  • Wednesday Midweek Bowls will cease.
  • Bankers on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday will cease.
  • Meeting of our Bridge Players will cease.
  • Club games that need to played to enable an event to finish will be allowed to be played. Spectators are strongly discouraged, but must adhere to the distance requirement of 1.5m between people.
  • Members Day and Two Bowl Singles will not commence.
  • Casual roll ups are not encouraged but allowed at this stage providing no more than 4 players to a rink and an empty rink between any rinks with players.

Any person who is feeling unwell please refrain from attending the club in any circumstance.

At this stage, Southern Indoor Bowls Club have postponed the start of Night Winter Pennant. In addition, we have had no advice regarding whether the Saturday Winter Pennant will proceed.

Please note, details regarding the Annual General Meeting and Presentation Night will be announced shortly.

Ian McKay, Secretary

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