Sep 12

Bridge at Glen Street

The Bridge players at Glen Street would like to remind potential Bridge players in the Bowls section that Bridge is available at Glen Street and you are invited to join us in a friendly and social game. For many years Bridge has been played at Glen Street in a relaxed format.

At present we play on Mondays and Fridays from 11am to 3pm in the Chicago system (i.e. change partner every four hands, using a basic Standard American bidding system). This is reasonably easy to learn, and we welcome learners, so do not be shy.

We arrive about 10.45am and aim to commence promptly at 11am. Bring your own lunch, which we eat about 12.30pm – 1pm (we have the occasional bought lunch at Christmas or any other excuse). IF we have two or more tables we subscribe $12 to cover small prizes, card purchase and special lunch subsidy, but we do not have any monetary gambling.

For more information please contact Adrian Chambers on 9813 5528, or, better still, just turn up.

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