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Committee & Selectors

2023-2024 MCC Bowls Section Committee

Name Position Contact Details
John Kaloger Chairman
Ian McKay Secretary 0419 517 375
Mandy Matheson Treasurer treasurer@mccbowls.org
Colin Hall General Committee
Peter Humphreys General Committee
Edward Stacey General Committee
Scott Wellington General Committee
Denise Huender General Committee










2023-2024 MCC Bowls Selectors

Weekend Pennant Sides 1 to 7 Chair Russell Green Snr
Sides 1 to 4 Selectors Geoff Fidler
Russell Green Jnr
Sides 5 to 7 Selectors Rod Donaldson
Tony Shortis
Brendan Annesley
Midweek Pennant All Sides Chair Peter Wright
Selectors Deb Coughlan
Sylvia Rimpas
John Wallace

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