Jan 09

2019 Hong Kong Trip Update

There are still a couple of spots available for the April visit to Hong Kong Cricket Club.

8 Sporting Sections will be attending over the weekend from 10th – 14th April.

The basic itinerary at the moment includes:

  • Wed (10th evening) – Horse Racing at Happy Valley Racecourse (known to be a real treat of a night)
  • Thurs (11th 6pm) – warm up bowls game under lights
  • Fri (12th evening) – official welcoming cocktail party
  • Sat (13th 6pm) – official bowls game under lights
  • Sun (14th evening) – farewell BBQ function

The Bowls contingent is planning to leave Melbourne on the 9th April and return on 15th April.

If anyone if interested in joining the trip, please contact Ian Cave on 0418 991 002.

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