Jul 28

2015 Winter Get Together @ Southern Indoor

Last night we had 32+ members brave a cold Melbourne night to enjoy a bit of social bowls and a general catchup at Southern Indoor. The night consisted of 2 games of 8 ends which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Thank you to all those that turn out, its always good to catch up with members during Winter months and see what they have been up to in their “time off”. Thanks the John Sykes for organising the rinks on the night.

Congratulations to Manny Galanos (skip), Ian Smith (third), Peter Berman (second) and Jeff Smark (lead) on taking the overall win on the night. In the words of Ian Smith, it all came down to the “exceptional directions by the third.”

Full Results

Rink Shot Difference
Manny Galanos +14
Simon Naughton +12
Scott Wellington +6
Norm Hayes +5
Ian McKay -5
Colin Hall -8
Culum Bennington -9
Daniel Dimery -15


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