Jul 29

VALE – Niel Rosen

For those club members that knew Nathaniel David Rosen (known as Niel) it come to our notice that Niel passed away recently. Niel was a member of the MCC Bowling Club for a number of years after coming to the club from the Melbourne Bowling Club. Niel was a dedicated and very competitive bowler and those who played with him or against always knew you were in for a fight to win the game against him.
Details of his funeral are not know at this time.
Rest In Peace Niel

Jul 28

Keeping In Touch with MCC Bowls

As we get closer to the start of the season, there will be a lot more information coming to members about Club Functions, Social Events, Pennant Dates, Pennant Practice, Results, etc. We want to make sure we reach as many members and as quickly as possible with the most up to date information. We are catering for all members no matter how tech savvy you may be or not. This season we will have the following forms of communication available for all members.

Club Website www.mccbowls.org (you’re here now so you already know that)
Facebook Page Like our page at facebook.com/mccbowls – Quick updates and information
Facebook Group Click Here to join our “member only” Facebook group to chat and talk about bowls
Twitter Follow us at twitter.com/mccbowls – Quick updates and information
Instagram Follow us at instagram.com/mccbowls – Photo updates from around the club
Email Club Functions, Events and Official Mail will be sent to members through email
Snail Mail Club Functions, Events and Official Mail will be sent to members through mail

So to keep up to date jump on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the website to see what’s coming up. If you have updated your email address or any other details recently, please send them through to secretary@mccbowls.org

We will also be posting photos and videos in our Media Galley of event throughout the season.

Jul 28

2015 Winter Get Together @ Southern Indoor

Last night we had 32+ members brave a cold Melbourne night to enjoy a bit of social bowls and a general catchup at Southern Indoor. The night consisted of 2 games of 8 ends which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Thank you to all those that turn out, its always good to catch up with members during Winter months and see what they have been up to in their “time off”. Thanks the John Sykes for organising the rinks on the night.

Congratulations to Manny Galanos (skip), Ian Smith (third), Peter Berman (second) and Jeff Smark (lead) on taking the overall win on the night. In the words of Ian Smith, it all came down to the “exceptional directions by the third.”

Full Results

Rink Shot Difference
Manny Galanos +14
Simon Naughton +12
Scott Wellington +6
Norm Hayes +5
Ian McKay -5
Colin Hall -8
Culum Bennington -9
Daniel Dimery -15


Jul 24

Tanglin Club 150

MCC looking good after day 1.

(3 points for a win and 1 for a draw)


Jul 23

MCC Bowlers in Singapore

Our Club has been invited to support Singapore’s Tanglin Club’s 150th anniversary celebrations. Two MCC teams will play 9 games of mixed triples comprising 14 ends each over 3 days in a round robin event involving a total of 40 teams. Play gets underway today. Andrew Marshall, Ian Cave, Gary Eaton and John Graham got some practice in on the Tanglin Club’s rooftop carpet green yesterday.

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